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seepex - Saving money for Britian's chicken processors

In every chicken processing plant in the UK there is one process that is handled in a surprisingly large number of ways - handling waste. And each approach has surprisingly different costs to the business, day in, day out. Vacuum systems, conveyors or water flumes; all have been seen as the most approriate at one time or another.

The starting situation

Often it has been the handling and disposal of whole birds, in particular that has proved problematic. They have ended up in wheelie bins - or even wheelbarrows - being moved manually to a skip elsewhere on the site. The installation of a seepex progressive cavity pump has done away with this, the system not only happily handling whole birds, but also intestines, claws and feathers, all without complaint.

The solution

seepex installed a BTM pump into one of the largest chicken processors in the UK. This pump has an auger feed screw prior to the rotor and stator, but with the feed screw and compression zone being additionally fitted with rotating and stationary knives. These knives are a seepex patented design and have proved very effective at macerating the birds, offal and other waste prior to pumping. In fact, seepex BTM pumps can chop and pump most food products including all manner of highly viscous and non-flowable products with a dry solids content up to 45%, and at pressures up to 24 bar.

The benefit

The system it replaced had been expensive to maintain, incurring higher costs in terms of energy, maintenance, spare parts and downtime. It had also made the adding of dyes to indelibly stain waste meat a separate operation, something now easily handled by the seepex pumps.

Key Facts

  • Handles whole birds (DOA) 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Cleaner working environment
  • Ability to handle and dye waste meat in one process


Significant cost savings

  • Energy saving 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Reduced volume / disposal costs 


Installed pump type

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