SEEPEX develops and produces progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems. Our modular system, consisting of 8 product groups and 27 ranges, provides customers with tailor-made pumps. We emphasize competent consulting, planning, and project management to solve every complex handling case. That’s a promise!

  • SCT

    Smart Conveying Technology

    • Quick maintenance, easy handling during dismantling and reassembly
    • Integrated tensioning device extends the rotor and stator’s life by up to 200%
    • Reduces maintenance time by up to 85%
    • High productivity due to less maintenance downtime
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  • N


    • Various rotor/stator geometries (conventional, 6L and Tricam geometry)
    • Low pulsation, uniform flow
    • High self-priming capabilities even with a mixture of liquid and air or gas up to a 9 meter water column
    • Numerous installation options
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  • T


    • Open hopper and auger feed screw design
    • Optimum product handling: open hopper and auger feed screw adjustable for each processing task
    • Easy maintenance due to quick access to the joints and plug-in connection
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  • D


    • Modular system for quick and easy conversion
    • Low pulsation pumping
    • High metering accuracy (deviation ±1%)
    • Easy maintenance due to the plug-in connection
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  • CS


    • High product safety: stator material and secondary seals are FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration, USA)
    • CIP (Cleaning In Place) with high velocity flow in the suction casing
    • US 3-A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG compliance
    • Particularly easy to maintain due to easy-to-assemble joints along with the plug-in connection between the rotating unit and drive
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  • E


    • Low pulsation, even flow
    • Self-priming
    • Variable submersible depths
    • Increases the available NPSH value (Net Positive Suction Head)
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  • W


    • Rotating unit with only one joint
    • Easy to maintain and economical thanks to the simple pump design
    • Quick replacement of the conveying elements thanks to a rotating unit with only one joint
    • Space-saving via a short, compact design with directly flange-mounted drive (block type)
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  • M


    • Controlled macerating due to variable output speeds and shear plates with different-sized openings
    • Easy maintenance due to simple replacement of the entire cutterhead assembly (cartridge)
    • Maceration amount effected by flow rate, output speed and shear plate design
    • Lower energy consumption compared to alternative macerating technologies
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  • CO


    • Standardized control functions and electronics
    • Network-capable compact control systems
    • Development of customer-specific solutions
    • Easy integration with a customer's existing DCS or SCADA system
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