Biogas | Pumping solutions for food waste
Pumping solutions for food waste.

Due to its relatively large energy content, waste from the food industry is increasingly being fermented in biogas plants. This includes:

  • food scraps, production residues, rejected batches, excess production
  • expired goods such as cooking fats and oils
  • dairy waste, baked goods
  • abattoir waste or food by-products
  • fryer residues
  • fruit and vegetable waste
  • grains

However, the use of this waste should not have a negative effect on either the biogas process or the agricultural use of fermentation residue. In this context, it is important to macerate or homogenize the waste. It is also advisable to transport the waste in a closed system to avoid unpleasant odors.

Thanks to their specific characteristics, our products are ideally placed to fulfil these requirements. The BTM range pump with an integrated cutting unit that we developed and patented is the only one of its kind on the market. It chops and pumps in a single step. Even large-sized conveying products such as whole pieces of fruit or perished poultry can be processed. No additional grinder is needed, leading to a significant reduction in investment costs.

In addition to this, we offer macerators that chop waste into particularly small pieces, thereby homogenizing it.



  • Saving on investment costs
  • Positive effect on the biogas process thanks to material maceration and homogenization
  • Pumping in a closed system to avoid unpleasant odours
  • BTM range pump – chops and pumps in a single step