SEEPEX celebrates 50th anniversary

50 years innovation: Pump specialist SEEPEX celebrates its anniversary

The pump world has reason to celebrate. SEEPEX, a globally sought-after specialist in progressive cavity pumps, pump systems and digital solutions, turns 50 on June 6. The beginnings of the mechanical engineering company from Bottrop clearly shows the technical pioneering spirit that has always prevailed in the Ruhr region. It was here that engineer Fritz Seeberger founded F. Seeberger GmbH & Co KG in a garage in 1972. His inventions and further developments around the progressive cavity pump laid the foundation for a successful, innovative company that today sells its products and solutions all over the world: SEEPEX.

How does a strawberry get gently mixed into yogurt or how do you move non-flowing, dewatered sludge in a wastewater treatment plant? Progressive cavity pumps are considered an all-purpose tool in a wide variety of industries and applications. They transport media of all sorts, safely and reliably to its destination, sometimes over distances of several kilometers. The technology was developed over 90 years ago, but exactly 50 years ago the Bottrop engineer ensured that it would become and stay indispensable to numerous industries to this day. Not long ago, the company advanced from a more regional favorite to an internationally sought-after innovation leader. Professionals in the field of environmental technology such as Thames Water in London rely on SEEPEX pumps, as do whiskey distilleries in Ireland, European beer breweries and yogurt manufacturers, as well as the pharmaceutical and paper industries or companies from the renewable energy sector.


The father of SEEPEX

Company founder, Fritz Seeberger, was fascinated by progressive cavity pumps due to their characteristic interlocking pumping elements, which consist of a helical rotor and stator. He devoted all his energy and passion to the continuous development of this pump type for various branches of industry. Progressive cavity pumps are in demand wherever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media must be pumped with minimal pulsation. The first progressive cavity pump produced by SEEPEX was a model from the N product group. It can still be found in the portfolio today. The pump was a huge success due to its technically revolutionary features and laid the milestone for the dynamic development of the current SEEPEX group.


A part of Ingersoll Rand for one year

SEEPEX has earned a great reputation with customers all over the world. Particularly because Ulli Seeberger, who took over from his father Fritz at the end of the 1980s, successfully drove forward the international expansion of the company. He developed SEEPEX into an innovation leader and recognized early on the importance of digital solutions for the products. In September 2021, Ulli Seeberger sold his successful and renowned company to Ingersoll Rand, a group of companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. SEEPEX still remains true to its location, its concept and its customers.


Movement as the driving force

As before, the SEEPEX team closely follows their main principle "All Things Flow". Movement is understood as a driving force. Inventions and developments are driven forward, new markets and areas of application are opened up and the portfolio and range of services are continuously optimized. Innovations for pump technology are continuously being successfully launched on the market, demonstrating the company's innovative strength. The products are developed with high precision and meet the highest requirements for reliability and service life with their cutting-edge technology. SEEPX has registered numerous patents worldwide, particularly in the areas of rotary displacement pumps, pump and conveying systems and control and monitoring of pump systems.

The company has received several awards for its innovative strength - for example, the German Innovation Award in 2021 or the Top 100 Award for above-average innovation successes of medium-sized companies in 2020. In June 2018, SEEPEX was delighted to receive a very special trophy: The intelligent Smart Dosing Pump was honored in the Pumps and Compressors category with the Innovation Award at ACHEMA (World Forum and Leading International Trade Fair for the Process Industry), beating other products from well-known companies.


Intelligent products and customized solutions

The digitalization of mechanical and plant engineering is one of the most important topics for the future. SEEPEX has been dealing intensively with Industry 4.0 topics for years. The research aims to create digital technologies for tomorrow's process automation. The focal point is the added value of digitalization and the resulting benefits for customers and their production processes. SEEPEX responds to technological change with modern, intelligent products that help to establish and expand the necessary industry standards. SEEPEX was one of the first manufacturers of progressive cavity pumps to create a smart future and optimize its portfolio with digital products and services.

Around the world, SEEPEX's tailor-made products contribute to decisive process improvements in many industries, including energy savings, shorter plant and machine downtime and efficient use of resources. This has implications for a cleaner environment, more hygienic food and better living conditions.

With a broad distribution network, the company is represented in more than 70 countries and is able to supply to any country in the world. The production sites are located in Germany, USA and China.


Production work in 1972

The first production hall.

Where it all began: Garage and production site in 1972.


Expansion in 1976: The new company headquarters in Bottrop.

SEEPEX’s main building today.