An upgraded brain for SEEPEX pumps.

An upgraded brain for SEEPEX pumps.

Pump specialist amends its control portfolio and opens up the line to numerous hardware suppliers

They dose food, mix ingredients in the correct proportions, convey reliably, reduce pressure or regulate quantities and energy consumption. They also sense immediately if something is wrong. Customized SEEPEX controls ensure that our progressive cavity pumps can operate reliably, safely and at their best.  The control solutions were previously limited to one hardware supplier, but now the company is opening up to other manufacturers of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). "We have significantly expanded our portfolio and can now actually serve all PLC suppliers," says Dr. Sebastian Rickers, Control Engineering Group Manager at SEEPEX. The broad selection means customers have the best integration into existing plants and can reduce costs. To achieve this, SEEPEX implanted the appropriate ‘DNA’ into the pump brain.

More flexibility and independence

"For example, customers who rely completely on Siemens control hardware in their plant can now conveniently add a SEEPEX control system. In principle, however, any other supplier can be chosen," says Dr. Rickers, explaining the added value of the new offer. "We know how our pumps work in an optimum range and can program the control system accordingly for the best results. Finally, we can meet customer requests from engineering firms and plant constructors to offer our SEEPEX controls on the platform they want."
Since 1972, SEEPEX has specialized in the development and construction of progressive cavity pumps. They are used wherever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media has to be conveyed with minimal pulsation. As one of the world's leading manufacturers, the company develops innovative solutions for a wide range of applications. The control technology, which ensures a reliable and optimal pumping process while also protecting the pump, has been part of the product portfolio for a long time. Now, thanks to the new initiative, the "pump brains" are experiencing a complete optimization. The new services relating to our control systems are available immediately.

We know our pumps best: Modular software provides time advantages

The company now offers a significant software improvement; From now on, SEEPEX control systems will be offered in modular design. "The modular principle not only simplifies our internal processes, but also benefits our customers. We can now react very quickly and flexibly to their needs and do not always have to start from scratch. This makes it easier to plan, offer and project the standardized controls," says Dr. Rickers.

Optimized visualization and entry into Connected Services

In large plants, an overall visualization is usually set up in the plant operator's control room, so that no local display is desired on site. However, for customers who want to take a look at what is happening on site at the pump, SEEPEX offers optional displays. With their clean design, the displays provide a perfect overview. The intuitive controls make it even easier to find your way around the display, navigate quickly through the menu and save valuable time. The optional data gateway makes it possible to access the "Connected Services" cloud platform. It is the interface between intelligent products, services and processes. In other words, the digital twin of the pump with current data on the operating status, performance, and any fluctuations. Changes can be viewed and enacted from any location, at any time and from any mobile device.

Controls as a stand-alone or a complete package

SEEPEX offers a wide range of pump controls: the tried-and-tested controls for mixing and dosing, for level or pressure control and for multiphase control in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, the specialist also relies on its intelligent controls such as the Smart Dosing Pump or Smart Air Injection. "As individual as our control systems are, they have one thing in common in the end: in each case, our customers are free to put together their control package from three options, leaving them spoilt for choice," says Dr. Rickers. Option one provides only the pure control software for the customer's system. Option two includes the installation of control software with any hardware without a local display. Finally, option three is a complete package of control software with hardware and visualization. In each case, the control algorithm with SEEPEX's proven know-how is included.