Very large spools of paper

Production? Running great!

The Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pulp, paper and packaging material, producing over 19 million tons annually. Production on this scale requires extremely reliable technology. SEEPEX supplied an innovative solution, which reduced the plant downtime significantly.


When pumping dyes to the paper machine the spray coater must vertically spray a constant amount of coater onto the paper. Any surplus dye flows back into the storage tank. If the flow rate decreases, too little dye reaches the paper surface and production is stopped to replace the worn pump components.


Production stoppages can cost up to several thousand euros per hour in the paper and cellulose industry. As a result, uninterrupted production is extremely important for APP. So, SEEPEX introduced APP to our technical innovation.


SEEPEX’s innovative Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) makes retensioning the stator a simple, few minute process. Retensioning restores the seal line between the rotor and the stator, achieving the original flow rate. The result: SCT extends the service life of the rotor and stator and reduces downtime.

Another advantage of SEEPEX pumps with SCT is its minimal space requirement for maintenance work. SCT makes maintenance quick and efficient, without dismantling the pump or pipelines.

SCT minimizes production downtime.


Shorter downtime, lower spare part costs, reduced maintenance time and fewer production stoppages mean significantly reduced lifecycle costs. APP was impressed and ordered more pumps with "Smart Conveying Technology" (SCT) for paper factories in Indonesia.

Lower lifecycle costs – probably our most persuasive argument.
Tan Chuan Wey
Sales Director, SEEPEX (M) Sdn Bhd