Wastewater facility using SEEPEX pumps

Advanced digestion

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Anaerobic digestion is a proven process for breaking down organic substances and generating biogas. Advanced digestion using thermal hydrolysis intensifies sludge digestion by significantly improving decomposition. It generates higher biogas generation, a higher level of sterilization and the volume of sludge produced after dewatering is reduced; However, the thermal hydrolysis process changes the sludge properties, imposing significant requirements on the pump and materials.

Our Solution

SEEPEX develops tailor-made systems to meet the high demands in this type of process technology. 

Some sample applications:

  • BTHE range open hopper pumps mix dewatered sludge to feed a thermal hydrolysis system.
  • BN range pumps convey hot sludge from the pulper to the hydrolysis reactor and digester.
  • BTHE range open hopper pumps convey "class A sludge" that is in accordance with US directives on pathogenic kill.

SEEPEX pumps and control systems stand out with their many benefits:

  • Elastomer resistant to hot thermal hydrolyzed sludge
  • Transfers sludge with a high dry solids content or high viscosity over long distances
  • Effectively mix dewatered sludge to the correct % ds content for further processing
  • Conveys dewatered sludge in a completely closed system

Whenever a pump design needs to operate in extreme process conditions, SEEPEX is the right choice.