Wastewater facility using SEEPEX pumps

Metering chemical additives

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Organic and inorganic additives are added to bring about various biological and mechanical processes in waste water treatment. Precise metering and high safety levels are crucial, particularly when working with viscous, corrosive and abrasive additives.

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps are perfectly suited for chemical dosing due to their characteristics of

  • Pulsation free flow
  • Linear accuracy +/- 1%
  • Flow control proportional to motor speed
  • Easy calibration and maintenance
  • Vapour locking is not an issue
  • High and low viscosity, abrasive and corrosive chemicals handled
  • Dosing into water streams
  • Intelligent programmable drive technology


Some sample applications:

  • MD/MDF range pumps convey and meter flocculating agents e.g. synthetic polymer or copolymer and ferric salts which improve the separation of wastewater sludge.
  • BN/MD range pumps meter hypochlorite for disinfection.
  • BN range pumps meter chemicals for pH correction e.g. lime milk


SEEPEX pumps prove their mastery in all sewage sludge treatment processes particularly when adding chemical additives.

Animation of a pump process in chemical metering applications