Chemical metering system in a disinfection process


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Drinking water undergoes various stages and treatments before it comes out of your tap. One of the final steps to ensure water quality is to remove bacteria by chemical disinfection, ultraviolet light or other means. 

Our Solution

Improving drinking water quality is a fundamental and ground-breaking technology in which SEEPEX pumps are successfully used. Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) can be reliably injected into the discharge of a vertical turbine pump in a water well to increase the chlorine contact time for more positive disinfection. SEEPEX Intelligent Metering can follow the signal from a flow meter on the discharge of the centrifugal pump to maintain the proper dosage in ppm of Cl.

NaOCl is prone to degrade in certain conditions or time, so it may be required to change the dosage rate of the sterilizing liquid. SEEPEX Intelligent Metering allows you to change the feed ratio without interrupting the process. This saves consumption of these expensive chemicals as well as degradation of pipes and controls in contact with the chlorinated water. It eliminates the need to over-dose to maintain sterility or to purchase expensive chlorine concentration instruments. Those who do use these devices can still use SEEPEX Intelligent Metering by connecting them directly to the drive.