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Coating kitchen

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Paper is given an additional coating in the coating kitchen, where a special gloss, structure or specific effect is added. These finishing processes fulfill the various requirements of the processing industry and its consumers.

Our Solution

Coating kitchens are the main area of application for SEEPEX pumps which are particularly suitable for this task thanks to their flexibility.


Sample applications:

  • BN range pumps convey coater from the vat to the mixer.
  • BN range pumps feed the coating agent into the coating system.


High quality coaters contain pigments, binding agents and auxiliary agents such as brighteners and defoamers. SEEPEX pumps are used successfully for all of these types of fluids.


SEEPEX pumps provide special treatment for high-quality media:

  • Low shear for gentle product handling
  • Adjustable speed for precise flow rates


Conclusion: SEEPEX pumps contribute efficiently to finishing paper and cardboard in coating plants.

Coating kitchen animation of SEEPEX pumps in action