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Liquid Biofuels

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Biofuels are obtained from different sources.

Biodiesel is a fuel with similar properties to diesel; except that it’s obtained from vegetable oil or animal fats. Biodiesel has significantly lower emissions, is biodegradable and is currently regarded as the most environmentally-friendly fuel.

In Brazil and America, bioethanol is manufactured as fuel for engines by fermenting raw materials containing sugar. Casava is used for bioethanol production in Asia.

When biofuels are produced from solid biomass such as raw wood, straw and biodegradable waste material, they are called biomass to liquid fuels.

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps are excellently suited to applications within the biofuel industry because of their specific properties, varying designs and elastomer materials.

  • Energy rich substrates with high solids are pumped using the SEEPEX T range open hopper pumps
  • Raw materials for bioethanol production can be mixed and pumped in BTEX bio-substrate mixing systems
  • N range pumps handle substrates with solid particles, which are abrasive or viscous
  • SCT design provides longer pump life and reduces downtime