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Pump manufacturer SEEPEX GmbH will be presenting its thriving technology at ACHEMA 2018. The company from Germany's Ruhr metropolitan area is a worldwide leading specialist in pump technology for progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems. SEEPEX will be exhibiting the Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) at the leading international trade show for process industries on July 11-15, 2018 for the first time.

Dosing pumps are used in applications where it is vital to add or fill precise quantities of high-quality materials, such as expensive additives. One of the many areas of application is the chemical industry, where this technology can be used to ensure precise mixtures of chemical compounds. The possible applications range from complex dosing and portioning tasks to laboratory applications.

The unique feature of the SDP is its control system, which is directly integrated into the pump. In addition to the progressive cavity pump, this intelligent version of a dosing pump consists of a drive, the associated SEEPEX control software, flow rate sensors and optional safety functions. SEEPEX introduced the pump in 2016 to complement its product portfolio for the industries mentioned above.

The advantages of a progressive cavity pump in combination with a modern decentralized control system include shorter process times, optimized resource allocation and lower operating costs. The pump's autonomous control function and minimal pulsation pumping can significantly reduce the maintenance effort and ensure cost-efficient operation of the system.

"The Smart Dosing Pump is a 'plug & play solution' that can easily be integrated into central control systems," explains Dr. Sebastian Rickers, SDP Project Manager at SEEPEX. "As soon as the desired flow rate or filling quantity has been set, the SEEPEX control software will take over the entire monitoring and controlling of the configured application," he expands. The SDP can then perform complex positioning and dosing tasks autonomously with very high accuracy.

Simple and multifunctional programming

Operating the pump is easy: the SDP is equipped with an intelligent drive featuring SEEPEX control software that can be operated locally, via the traditional 4.20 mA technology or with the most commonly used fieldbus systems. Instead of expensive implementation in higher-level control systems, the SDP only requires the input of target values and simple user commands. The user sets the desired flow rate, which is then monitored and controlled automatically and permanently by the SDP. The pump will adjust itself to fluctuations in the operating conditions to ensure a precise and repeatable dosing. It can handle chemicals with corrosive or abrasive solids as well as products with low to high viscosity. Optional dry running and overpressure sensors protect the pump against damage. This saves costs by using less chemicals. "The efficient operation of the pump results in the lowest possible life cycle costs and minimum maintenance effort," Dr. Sebastian Rickers explains.

Exact portioning, constant dosing

SEEPEX SDPs can be used for constant dosing and portioning of precise quantities and flow rates in virtually all industry sectors. Progressive cavity pumps are particularly well suited for the minimal pulsation conveying of thin to highly viscous media with or without solids, as well as corrosive media.

Customer benefits

  • Easy implementation of complex dosing and portioning tasks
  • Realization of short filling times and resource-efficient media pumping
  • Cost reduction due to minimal pulsation and high repeatability
  • Easy integration into higher-level controls and automation systems
  • Manual local operation via handheld panel, traditional 4.20 mA technology or via commonly used fieldbus systems
Efficient and intelligent:  SEEPEX presents the Smart Dosing Pump at ACHEMA