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SEEPEX presenting its smart maintenance concepts and Smart Dosing Pump.

At this year’s Virtual Water – an online conference from the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA), SEEPEX will be presenting intelligent products for easy maintenance and the Smart Dosing Pump.

This year, SEEPEX is setting new standards in two areas of innovation. Firstly, we have systematically expanded our range of user-friendly maintenance solutions, which reduce operating costs and lengthen product life. Secondly, we are demonstrating our leading role in intelligent products with the Smart Dosing Pump for exact metering.


Easy Maintenance Solutions
SEEPEX simultaneously offers four different easy maintenance solutions. This expanded portfolio offers customers different technologies to support the varying pump operations.

Numerous customers are already using our patented Smart Conveying Technology (SCT). SCT offers quick changing of the rotor and stator, and its integrated tensioning device significantly increases pump service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Smart Seal Housing is a supplement to the well-established SCT: it simplifies drive-side maintenance work on SCT pumps. Customers can remove and service the mechanical seal and the entire rotating unit without time-consuming dismantling of the suction casing or pipework. This new solution reduces the workload to only a few minutes, resulting in shorter downtime.

Two other solutions simplify maintenance work on large feed hopper pumps. The patented technologies Drive Joint Access (DJA) and Rotor Joint Access (RJA) have easily movable and detachable joint casings which enable quick, time-saving maintenance on the drive-side or rotor-side joint.

“We are proud that we continue to find new solutions that make our customers’ operation and maintenance processes as easy as possible,” explains Peter Villa, Managing Director of SEEPEX Australia. “The key to our success lies in our close collaboration with customers. We develop solutions that optimize their systems, increase productivity and reduce their operating costs,” he adds.


Smart Dosing Pump
Plant operators and builders are under more and more pressure to design their operations effectively, optimize process times and minimize downtime, while also being highly energy efficient and using raw materials economically. SEEPEX meets these challenges with the Smart Dosing Pump, an intelligent dosing pump for a wide range of applications. It comes with integrated control system for precise dosing of high-quality additives and covers multiple complex dosing requirements from industrial settings to laboratory applications all with minimal pulsation.


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