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On the first of August, seven trainees began their careers at SEEPEX. In September and October, two additional trainees will be starting, one of whom is doing a degree apprenticeship, which means he is also studying part-time at a university. At our Bottrop location we train industrial clerks, management assistants in transport and logistics, IT specialists, warehouse logistics specialists, industrial mechanics, mechatronics engineers, cutting machine operators, technical drafters and technical product designers as future employees. SEEPEX is proud to keep almost all trainees after they have successfully completed their final examination.

On their first day on the job, all the first-year trainees got to know each other at a special introductory event. Lea Rüdel (industrial clerk trainee) and René Malzahn (management assistant trainee in transport and warehouse logistics) agreed that they had learned a lot on their first day. “From data protection to work safety instructions, there was so much new information,” said René Malzahn.

Until the start of the vocational school term, our new employees undergo a thorough initial training. Through interactive E-learning modules, they gain knowledge of technical processes and product and company information. “We do our E-learning in specially equipped training rooms with PCs,” explained Janni Sprotte, an industrial mechanic trainee. This makes it easier for young people to start quickly and facilitates better understanding of how progressive cavity pumps are manufactured. That’s certainly the right way to address the ‘YouTube generation’. Starting in September the trainees go into the vocational school, where they can supplement their initial practical experience with theoretical knowledge.

We are excited to have our new junior employees here.

Welcome to the SEEPEX team and we wish you all well!

Starting a Successful Apprenticeship