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On the occasion of this year's Girls' Day 2019, SEEPEX gave young schoolgirls an insight into the production halls of the pump manufacturer.

It started off with a tour of the production building. Trainer Andreas Kusche explained the production of progressive cavity pumps to the schoolgirls at the individual workstations. After the tour through the pump assembly and a short introduction by the SEEPEX trainees, the schoolgirls had to take matters into their own hands in the training workshop. Pump joints were assembled, filed, grained and measured.

"Days like Girls' Day are a good opportunity to introduce pupils to SEEPEX as a potential employer and to promote technical education. In order to also get girls interested in technical careers, we are happy to accept such opportunities," says Melanie Frank, Human Resources at SEEPEX.

Girls' Day 2019 at the pump manufacturer SEEPEX in Bottrop