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SEEPEX presents energy efficient and intelligent pump technology at Pollutec, the international environmental trade show. Pollutec runs from November 29 to December 2, 2016 in Lyon.

At SEEPEX’s booth, visitors from every branch of industry will experience how to sustainably reduce energy consumption through the use of efficient pumping technology. But not only how to improve their energy footprint, but also to reduce operating costs by replacing obsolete technology with pumps with Smart Conveying Technology (SCT). SCT significantly extends the life of the pump, increases productivity and reduces downtime, while also permanently lowering operating costs due to easy maintenance of the rotor and stator.

In the field of dosing pumps, SEEPEX presents visitors with the intelligent Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) for industrial and laboratory applications. The SDP features an integrated PLC to enable stand-alone operation in, for example, distributed control systems. This significantly reduces the integration and maintenance costs.

Further advantages of this technology are high dosing accuracy and efficient pumping of media with minimal pulsation. Exact dosing also reduces costs and conserves resources.

Would you like to profit from these competitive advantages? Then visit us at our booth in hall 6, aisle H, booth 142.

SEEPEX energy efficient and intelligent pump technology at Pollutec