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The new CNC tooling machine was delivered to SEEPEX, a pump manufacturer in Bottrop. Using special cranes the thirteen meter long and sixteen ton machine was positioned with millimeter accuracy in the production hall. Rotors and other pump components up to nine meters in length are being manufactured on the machine. The lathe allows several machining processes, delivers highly precise turning and drilling quality and has the latest drive and control technology.

Apprentices at SEEPEX also profit from this investment: they will be trained on machines with the newest technology. “This guarantees a top education and at its completion delivers skilled workers,” declared Andreas Kusche, Head of Training at SEEPEX.

In recent years, SEEPEX has invested a total of 6 million euros in machinery in Bottrop. The manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps commissioned two new whirling machines for the production of rotors last year.

“With these modern machines we can meet the high quality requirements of our customers quicker,” said Michael Möllmann, Mechanical Production Manager at SEEPEX happily. 



SEEPEX invests further in the Bottrop office - A new lathe machine is now in operation