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On its 100th anniversary, the city of Bottrop organized an Economy Day.

On June 29, 2019 in the city center, interested locals visited the SEEPEX booth and those of other companies located in Bottrop.

One of our aims was to get into contact with young people and to spark their enthusiasm for SEEPEX and the training that we offer. While trainees Hendrik Bromkamp, Bünyamin Gürses and Richard Gaida explained their day-to-day work in greater detail, Training Manager Andreas Kusche provided information about the wide range of training options available. In addition to an exhibited SCT pump and numerous pump components, one particular attraction was the in-house VR app, which turns the pump into a virtual experience and attracted not only the younger generation to the booth.

"It was a very hot but above all a successful and interesting day, which was a lot of fun for everyone. The event enabled us to spark the enthusiasm of young people, in particular, for SEEPEX," explained Uli Spickenbaum, a long-standing SEEPEX employee.

SEEPEX partakes in Bottrop 100th anniversary