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It has been roughly one year since IFAT 2016, where SEEPEX presented the newly-developed maintenance app – SEEPEX VR.

“This app provides our customers with an interactive tool to support their maintenance tasks on our leading SCT pumps,” explains Dr. Christian Hansen, Vice President of Engineering & Innovation and CTO of the SEEPEX group. “Without having to tediously browse the manual, technicians are digitally guided through the step-by-step instructions directly at the pump.” Since then, there have been many positive experiences with the app in the field and user experience feedback has been carefully collected. “These positive and open reactions encouraged us to release an extended version of the app with additional features in December 2016,” remarks Dr. Martin Eggers, head of the app development team.

While the app was initially only available for Apple devices with the iOS operating system, SEEPEX has now followed up on the numerous customer requests and developed an additional version of SEEPEX VR for Android operating systems. This means that in addition to the iPhone and iPad, the app can now be run on smartphones and tablets from many other manufacturers, for example, Samsung, HTC, Huawei and many more. As of June 2017 SEEPEX VR can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

“This means we can now offer the field-tested advantages of SEEPEX VR to a significantly increased user base,” Dr. Eggers explains further. “After all, the global market share of Android systems on new smartphones exceeds 81%. Together with about 18% market share for iOS-devices, we can now serve the largest percentage of mobile devices with our app.”

“In the intermediate and long term, we will be increasingly expanding our mobile applications in order to offer a modern interface between our customers and ourselves,” says Dr. Hansen as he provides insight into future developments. “However, we will increase functionality gradually, which allows us to systematically react to customer feedback and stay flexible, all while delivering the best solution.”

SEEPEX-VR now available on Android