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Pump technology 4.0: More efficient. Faster. Safer.

Digitalization is changing products. The individual progressive cavity pump is now an intelligent unit in a networked system consisting of smart products, services and processes. This connectivity opens up previously unimagined potential for your productivity.

SEEPEX is driving digital transformation in pump technology with Digital Solutions. The modular solutions network, control and monitor the pumps to optimize processes, maximize availability and reduce inspection and maintenance costs. Discover your options now.


Monitor. Analyze. Manage.

Actually on-site, digitally in the cloud: The cloud platform, SEEPEX Connected Services, combines pump data collection and analysis. Operating data such as temperature or pressure is available anytime and anywhere. Various monitoring options detect imminent damage early, which increases system availability and productivity.


Everything at a glance

SEEPEX Pump Monitor tracks progressive cavity pumps – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It measures individually defined process values such as temperature, flow rate and pressure with maximum precision and reliability, and records all the process data. Operators know the status of the pumping process at all times. Pump Monitor also provides the data for SEEPEX Connected Services.


Directly connect to SEEPEX

Around-the-clock, quick assistance when it really matters: SEEPEX service apps convert your smartphone or tablet to a service center with high-quality technical support, faster spare parts procurement and important information for efficient and paperless pump maintenance.


Innovative technology. Smart control.

Customized, digital control solutions transform a powerful pump into an intelligent product. One such solution, SEEPEX Controls, regulates filter press feeding and sludge treatment applications. Other complete intelligent packages include Smart Air Injection and the Smart Dosing Pump. The easy to integrate plug-and-play solutions come with sensors, actuators, controls, piping and software already.