Optimize processes

The Advanced Analytics option identifies user-specific calculations along with complex correlations and patterns. This detects deviations and identifies optimization potential. Analyses lead to process optimization and help in identifying new action areas, making predictive maintenance tangible. Spare part costs can be anticipated and wearing parts can be ordered at the appropriate time.


Formula editor

Individual formulas stored for calculating parameters.

Energy efficient

Data comparison

Compares data using the characteristic curve of the pump. Is easily integrated – just like a measurement value – and combined with other data. Data results enable optimal configuration of the pump and, for example, the energy consumption can be reduced or the flow rate increased.

Early detection

Performance analysis

Analysis via a direct set point or actual comparison to optimize pump operation. Enables quick detection and evaluation of a drop in performance. Early measures to counteract a drop in performance can be implemented.

Process analysis

Process-specific based on the pump data. Provides the basis for making changes to the overall operation.

Anomaly detection

Uses identifying patterns to point out any abnormalities in the pump or process to users. Quickly detects deviations and prevents damage.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring the wear enables wearing parts to be replaced early and leads to better maintenance planning and reduced downtime.



Redundant servers and encrypted data communication for protecting the data in the cloud.


Remote Monitoring

Includes Managed Connectivity and Hosting
Pump management
Data access
Live data, history and trend display
Alarm and warning configuration

Advanced Analytics

Includes Managed Connectivity and Hosting
Includes Remote Monitoring
Formula editor
Data comparison
Performance analysis