Understanding the pump

Knowledge is power: The Remote Monitoring option enables evaluation and analysis of the collected operating data to provide a sound understanding of pump performance. A valuable source of information for optimizing the pump and increasing efficiency – especially when several pumps are working at different locations.



Live data, history and trend display provide important information about the current and past performance of the pump. The data is the basis for optimizing the entire process.


Regular reporting to evaluate pump performance and documentation for quality assurance.

KPI optimization

Defined and optimized KPIs ensure consistent quality in production and conveyance.


Reliable Notification

If values exceed or fall below the individually configured thresholds, alarms and warnings via push notification ensure quick and specific responses, thus reducing downtime.

Early warning system

Wear detection enables replacement of wearing parts early, reducing spare part costs.

Saves time

Pump management

All the networked devices can be centrally monitored at any time across multiple locations.


Remote Monitoring

Includes Managed Connectivity and Hosting
Pump management
Data access
Live data, history and trend display
Alarm and warning configuration

Advanced Analytics

Includes Managed Connectivity and Hosting
Includes Remote Monitoring
Formula editor
Data comparison
Performance analysis