Innovative technology. Smart control.

SEEPEX complements innovative pump technology with new digital techniques, making the pumps more efficient. Customized, digital solutions convert powerful pumps into intelligent products. One such solution, SEEPEX Controls, regulates filter press feeding and sludge treatment applications. Another solution, SEEPEX Pump Monitor, constantly monitors the operation of your pump or complete intelligent systems. Packaged units, such as Smart Air Injection and Smart Dosing Pump, already include the sensors, actuators, controls, piping and software. Very easy to integrate as a plug-and-play solution.


Complete Intelligence

Smart Air Injection (SAI) is a customized package unit with many varied applications. The innovative combination of progressive cavity pump and compressed air conveying results in a low-pressure level in the conveying pipeline. This results in significantly reduced operational costs and an extended service life.


Exact to the last drop

Precise. Safe. Unique. Thanks to integrated control, the Smart Dosing Pump combines conventional dosing advantages of progressive cavity pumps with modern distributed control concepts. For even more precise dosing and further optimized savings by maximizing efficiency.

CO control systems

Everything under control

Intelligent. Simple. For many applications. Whether filter press feeding, level sensing or mixing lime for sewage sludge treatment, SEEPEX control systems for progressive cavity pumps turn your pump into a smart device. They are as varied as the application for which the pumps are used and are easy to implement.


Everything at a glance

SEEPEX Pump Monitor tracks progressive cavity pumps – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It measures individually defined process values such as temperature, flow rate and pressure with maximum precision and reliability, and records all the process data. Operators know the status of the pumping process at all times. Pump Monitor also provides the data for SEEPEX Connected Services.