Everything at a glance

SEEPEX Pump Monitor tracks progressive cavity pumps – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It measures individually defined process values such as temperature, flow rate and pressure with maximum precision and reliability, and records all the process data – an ideal basis for optimizing operating costs. The operator knows the status of the pumping process at all times – whether via on-site indicators, a push notification service on mobile devices or upon request from SEEPEX Connected Services. This means that all the recorded information is available anytime and anywhere.


Live data inspection

Continuous monitoring means that current data is always obtained. The user has an overview of everything and can intervene in time, to carry out anticipatory maintenance or order spare parts.

History and trend display

Enables trend analysis during pump operation and is the basis for optimization measures.


Warnings and alarms

In case of deviation from individual thresholds, signal indicators or the Pump Monitor app triggers warnings or alarms. Users can immediately intervene to prevent downtime.

Pump protection

Switches the pump off, for example, during dry running, overpressure or leakage to protect from damage.



The Pump Monitor app transforms your mobile device into a remote display for all pumps within Bluetooth range. Conveniently view your pump’s performance directly from a tablet or phone.

Retrofit option

Available as a retrofit package for each progressive cavity pump.


Mobile Notification Service

Optional alarms sent to your mobile phone via email or SMS.


Data transferred securely to the SEEPEX cloud through the mobile interface on Pump Monitor. The SEEPEX cloud is the basis for optimizing performance using the Remote Monitoring and Advanced Analysis service packages.

Various sensors

The user determines the data that is recorded by Pump Monitor. Even previously installed sensors can be connected.

Sensor sets

Pump Monitoring

Status monitoring
Error display
Alarms and warnings
Safety shutdown

Performance Analysis

Monitoring of KPIs
Fault indication
Rotor/stator wear
Safety shutdown

Pump Protection

Monitoring critical values
Trend and anomaly display
Alarms and warnings
Safety shutdown


The perfect companion for Pump Monitor: Turn your mobile device into a remote display for easy viewing of all Pump Monitor data.