SAI Controller

Control of all functions of the Smart Air Injection processes

The Smart Air Injection (SAI) is a tailor-made SEEPEX system solution for the conveyance of dewatered sludge over distances over up to 1,000 meters. Sludge with a dry matter content of 20 - 40% can be conveyed through the pipeline at a low pressure level by means of compressed air and boundary layer injection.

The SAI controller is the central control element for this safe and low-maintenance system solution. The specific SEEPEX control software enables the visualization and monitoring of the SAI process, including error diagnosis. Conveying capacities and air injection for dense phase conveying can be controlled, safety functions such as overpressure and dry running can be monitored, and consumption of compressed air and lubricant can be recorded. Integration into a higher-level process control system is possible.


  • For the control of the sewage sludge conveyance by means of an progressive cavity pump and additional dense phase pneumatic conveying over up to 1,000 meters


  • For the control of the Smart Air Injection (SAI) range
  • Visualization of the SAI process
  • Monitoring of process values
  • Control of pump speed and capacity depending on sludge supply
  • Control of compressed air injection for triggering dense phase pneumatic conveying
  • Display of compressed air and lubricant consumption
  • Parameterization of the SAI conveyor system
  • Overpressure and dry running protection
  • Error diagnostics
  • Interface to the higher-level control System

Technical Data

  • 7.0'' Touch Panel (landscape)
  • 800 x 480 (WVGA)
  • 1 GHz, 256 MB DDRAM
  • CAN-Bus-interface
  • USB 2.0