Smart Dosing Pump

Smart Dosing Pump

The Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) with integrated control system is the intelligent dosing pump for a wide variety of applications. It combines the classic dosing benefits of a progressive cavity pump with modern, decentralized control concepts.

The concept of a compact process module with a control system directly integrated into the pump is very unique. This has impressed experts from the process industry. Because of this, SDP received the Innovation Award from ACHEMA during the chemical industry event in 2018. This module consists of a drive, the associated SEEPEX control software as well as flow rate sensors and optional safety functions.

Accessories Shaft Seals

Conveying Medias

  • Thin to highly viscous media, as well as solids and corrosive liquids


  • Conveying capacity: 0.3 l/h - 2,000 l/h (0.079 USGPH - 528.34 USGPH)
  • Pressure: up to 48 bar
  • Integrated PLC to enable stand alone operation in distributed control systems


  • Easy implementation of complex dosing in continuous and batch mode
  • Realization of short filling times and resource-efficient media pumping
  • Cost reduction due to minimal pulsation and high repeatability
  • Easy integration into higher-level controls and automation systems
  • Operation via handheld panel or various fieldbus systems
  • Broad pumping performance range through our modular system


For a long pump service life: a temperature sensor installed in the stator checks the temperature between rotor and stator and compares it to the limit temperature set in the TSE control. When this value is reached, the control switches off the pump and triggers an alert.

The SEEPEX dry-running protection device monitors the temperature of the stator during operation and protects it from premature wear by switching off the pump when the limit is reached.

flying saucer Placeholder SEEPEX dry running protection device

Protection against over-/underpressure: a diaphragm pressure gauge with open flange for highly viscous media switches as soon as the pressure drops below or exceeds the set value.

SEEPEX over pressure and low pressure protection device

Shaft Seals

  • Design with elastomer bellows, metal springs or spring packs
  • Independent of direction of rotation, balanced/unbalanced
  • Disengaging device
  • Food grade design with FDA materials
  • Quench design as an option
SEEPEX Single acting mechanical seal
Conveying Material

from low to high viscosity, with or without solids, abrasive, crystallizing

Pressure Range
-0.15 - +25 bar
-2.2 - +363 psi
  • Double-acting
  • Design with elastomer bellows, metal springs or spring sets
  • Independent of direction of rotation Unbalanced
  • Disengaging device
SEEPEX double acting mechanical seal
Conveying Material

From low to high viscosity, with or without solids, abrasive, crystallizing, corrosive, toxic

Pressure Range
-14.5 - +363 psi