MDC Range

MDC Range

SEEPEX MDC range pumps are equipped with open aseptic fork joints. The pumps meet the highest hygienic requirements as well as providing corrosion and wear resistance.


Conveying Medias

  • For non-viscous to viscous media


  • Conveying capacity: 0.5 l/h – 500 l/h (0.132 USGPH – 132 USGPH)
  • Pressure: up to 24 bar (350 psi)
  • Highest hygienic standards as well as corrosion and wear resistance
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • FDA approved


  • Particularly easy to maintain (open joint consisting of only a few components)
  • Guaranteed residue-free: open aseptic fork joint with CIP cleaning


For a long pump service life: a temperature sensor installed in the stator checks the temperature between rotor and stator and compares it to the limit temperature set in the TSE control. When this value is reached, the control switches off the pump and triggers an alert.

The SEEPEX dry-running protection device monitors the temperature of the stator during operation and protects it from premature wear by switching off the pump when the limit is reached.

flying saucer Placeholder SEEPEX dry running protection device

For precise metering: with this metering device you can set the required number of rotations, making it possible to adjust the flow rate to the exact requirements.

SEEPEX metering device

For shaft seal protection: the seal barrier system is fed with a buffer liquid. Upon request, it can be equipped with a flow meter that ensures trouble-free operation.

SEEPEX lantern ring supply unit