W - Wobble pump

The power pack

Economical, space-saving, easy to maintain – SEEPEX wobble pumps with compact block design have a rotating unit with just one joint. They are made to “wobble” by a flexible stator fixed on one side. They are used in virtually all branches of industry to pump liquids of various viscosities – even containing high levels of solids.

Conveying Capacity
10 m³/h
44 US gpm
4 bar
60 psi

Features and Benefits

Easy maintenance

Quick and simple replacement of the conveying elements due to rotating unit attached with only one joint


Low space requirements thanks to short, compact design without a protective frame and with a directly flange-mounted drive (block type)

Reduced operating costs

Minimal maintenance costs and downtime thanks to quick replacement of conveying elements


Low procurement costs due to compact design


Fulfills even the strictest quality standards thanks to robust design with wobble stators and containment cup design

Technologies, accessories and options

Overpressure Protection

The pressure gauge switches off the pump as soon as a pre-set pressure is exceeded or not reached and protects the pump from increased wear and tear or piping damage.

Main housing

With drain plug and connections for pressure instruments, either in cast grey iron or stainless steel.


Wear and corrosion resistant materials, with hard coating as standard.


Flexible stator, fixed on one side, with a reinforced flexing area that lasts longer than other designs. Special care has been taken to enhance the mechanical efficiency to lower both the starting and running torque.

Universal joint sleeve with holding bands

Protects the grease-filled joints from penetration of the liquid pumped, even in case of maximum vacuum or pressure loading. Streamlined design to reduce turbulence and NPSHr.

Universal joint

Consists of just five components. Power transmission through wear resistant, hardened and replaceable joint parts: easily repaired.

Shaft sealing retainer

For retaining the mechanical seal and centering the drive.


Geared motors, variable speed drives or frequency controlled motors of all major manufacturers, directly flanged to the pump without additional couplings or guards. Covers made of stainless steel are available.