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SEEPEX control systems offer individualized conveying solutions, specific to customer processes. Standard functions are used to protect the pump and ensure reliability. We are your specialized source for standard or customized systems that can take you from development to installation and start-up.

Product Ranges
Properties & Benefits
  • Standardized control functions and electronics
  • Network-capable compact control systems
  • Development of customer-specific solutions
  • Easy integration with a customer's existing DCS or SCADA system
  • Customer-specific solution: We can develop a SEEPEX control system for your unique application. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll be happy to prepare a best fit control offer for your conveying process.


  • For the sterilization of sewage sludge and the processing of dewatered sludge into fertilizers or for safe disposal into landfills.
  • Sterilizes and stabilizes sludge
  • Adjustable lime metering based on the amount of sludge and level of treatment needed
  • Optimum mixing of hydrated or quick lime due to direct control of sludge level at the paddle shaft of the SEEPEX hopper pump with dry running protection TSE and dynamic temperature control
  • Metering, mixing and conveying solutions for producing biogas
  • Flow-controlled feeding of digestate
  • Adjustable feed of substrates based on the amount of digestate
  • Level control integrated in the pump hopper ensures that digestate is optimally mixed with substrates
  • For keeping filling levels and flow rates in pump hoppers or supply tanks constant
  • Integrated protection and control functions
  • Compact PLC with integrated display and control unit. Internal PID interface to control pump speed and set the fluid levels in the hopper or supply tank
  • Process evaluation sent as text messages
  • Filter press filling process, pressure based control of pre-filling pump and high pressure pump
  • Polymer pump quantity-based regulation

  • Polymer pump throughput control
  • Stator temperature control (dry running protection - TSE)