BCF Range

BCF Range

The rotating unit of the BCF range is designed with the Flexrod, a joint-free flexible titanium shaft. The range is also certified in accordance with 3-A Sanitary Standards (USA) and designed for residue-free cleaning (CIP and COP).

Conveying Medias

  • For low to highly viscous media


  • Conveying capacity: 90 l/h – 60 m³/h
  • Pressure: up to 24 bar
  • Includes the Flexrod, a joint-free flexible titanium shaft
  • FDA-compliant and 3-A certified components


  • Particularly gentle conveying with minimal pulsation
  • Joint-free Flexrod design
  • Easy, quick maintenance due to removable rotor connection
  • Reduced downtime of the production plant due to quick maintenance
  • Residue-free cleaning with CIP/COP/SIP