BCSO Range

BCSO Range

SEEPEX BCSO range pumps are equipped with open, aseptic joints which guarantee residue-free cleaning with CIP.


Conveying Medias

  • Meets high hygienic requirements and offers corrosion and wear resistance


  • Conveying capacity: 30 l/h – 130 m³/h (0.132 USGPM – 572 USGPM)
  • Pressure: up to 24 bar (350 psi)
  • Open, aseptic pin joint enables higher pressures and conveying capacities
  • Joint is cleaned without leaving residue through CIP
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards (USA) certified and designed in compliance with EHEDG directives


  • Easy maintenance: no special tools required for service work
  • Simple joint design with only a few components


Help against wear: with the stator tensioning device, a worn stator can be evenly retightened so that the original compression between the rotor and the stator is restored and the pump performs again at its full capacity.

SEEPEX adjustable stator retensioning device

For precise metering: with this metering device you can set the required number of rotations, making it possible to adjust the flow rate to the exact requirements.

SEEPEX metering device

For shaft seal protection: the seal barrier system is fed with a buffer liquid. Upon request, it can be equipped with a flow meter that ensures trouble-free operation.

SEEPEX lantern ring supply unit