Mine dewatering unit

MIN Mine dewatering unit


The SEEPEX Mine Dewatering Unit is engineered for efficient separating of oversized solids and conveying of mine water. The compact design enables easy transport of the complete unit and allows quick retrofit into existing dewatering systems. The pump, complete with suction and discharge pipework, can remain in place when changing the rotor and/or stator. Fast and effortless maintenance ensures reduced downtime and lower operating costs.

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Key Facts
Conveying Capacity
20 l/s
72 m³/h
up to 24 bar
350 psi
240 m total head
Properties & Benefits
  • Maintain-in-Place-design
  • Robust pumps for small spaces
  • Lightweight components
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Patented rotor connection for quick assembly
  • Shorter rotor/stator unit using equal wall technology
  • Equal wall stators provide increased pressure capability
  • Bi-directional skid design
  • No dismantling of pipework
Mine dewatering unit
Mine dewatering unit
Mine dewatering unit
Mine dewatering unit
Mine dewatering unit
Mine dewatering unit
Mine dewatering unit
  • Settling Tank

    Configured to control solids and handle overflow. Standard capacity of 3,300 liters (727 gal.).

  • Dump valve manifold

    Two outlets for sludge or solids removal.

  • Rotor and stator

    Optimized compression, length and size. Wear and corrosion resistant materials in a lightweight design.

  • Skid baseplate

    Has a compact, bi-directional design and lifting lugs for simple transport.

  • Galvanized steel frame

    A protective coating on the skid and pipework to prevent rust.

  • Ladder

    A light weight, maneuverable work platform.

  • Drive

    According to the local mining specifications.

  • Level control

    Enables automatic operation.