SCT AutoAdjust

It’s all about the perfect fit

Smart Conveying Technology AutoAdjust (SCT AutoAdjust) is SEEPEX’s Maintain in Place product with automated stator retensioning. This optional technology provides instant, precise and hands free adjustment of the stator clamping segments. From a control room or via SEEPEX Pump Monitor, the clamping segments are readjusted at the push of a button, ensuring a constant flow rate and higher productivity. This process extends the life of the pump, decreases life cycle costs and reduces the need for spare parts. SCT AutoAdjust provides 24-hour monitoring, guaranteeing optimal pumping performance and is indispensable in critical applications that require high operational safety, accurate performance and absolute reliability. SCT AutoAdjust pumps a broad spectrum of media across nearly every industry and application.

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Key Facts
Conveying Capacity
2.3 m³/h - 54 m³/h
10.1 USGPM - 238 USGPM
up to 8 bar
120 psi
Properties & Benefits
  • Eliminates manual adjustments at remote pump locations and complicated procedures at the plant .
  • Easily reaches difficult to access pump installations remotely.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements, less wear and tear, lower spare part costs and a significantly longer pump service life due to the simple automated operation and early, frequent adjustment of the stator clamping.
  • Reacts quickly and easily to changing process conditions: Precise adjustment to the ideal operating status ensures an optimal process.
  • No more unplanned downtime: Pump status is always visible, the readjustment immediately and positively impacts pump performance and wear reserve results are available in higher-level systems.
  • Simplified maintenance: Pipework does not need to be dismantled and there is no additional space requirement for disassembling the stator.
  • Plant monitoring from anywhere and at any time: Unnoticed changes or problems eliminated due to monitoring of the operating and pump status from a control system, in Pump Monitor or optionally in SEEPEX Connected Services.