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Smart Air Injection

Long distance pumping

Smart Air Injection (SAI) is a customized package unit with many varied applications. The innovative combination of progressive cavity pump and compressed air conveying results in a low-pressure level in the conveying pipeline. This results in an extended service life and reduced investment and operating costs.

In the environmental sector, SAI transports sewage sludge up to 1,000 meters by means of compressed air and lubricant injections. This allows the sludge to be transported easily and with particularly low friction and thus energy-efficiently.

Benefits and Features


Total energy consumption reduced by up to 72% compared to conventional conveying technologies.

Lower investment costs

Long service life and low investment costs due to less expensive pipes and fittings with low pressure stability (PN 10). 

Maintain in Place

Easy Maintenance Concept: Maintenance-in-Place possible - Smart Conveying Technology for rotor/stator replacement with minimal space requirements in less than one hour.

For long distances and height differences

Long transport distances of up to 1,000 meters and flexible overcoming of changes in direction and differences in height.

Low pressure requirements

Increased component lifetimes and up to 88% savings in maintenance costs due to extremely reduced discharge pressure of only 2-4 bar.

Easy to control

Control and monitoring of all functions via the SAI controller and easy integration into all automation and control systems.


Closed system with integrated cleaning function.

SEEPEX Smart Air Inject SAI 15 degree angled view
SEEPEX smart air injection SAI side view
  • Compression Casing

    Ensures optimal feeding of the media.

  • Extension Hopper

    Connected to the upstream dewatering machine with integrated filling level sensor and pump speed.

  • Control intelligence

    Frequency inverter with integrated PLC.

  • BTHE Pump

    Square feed hopper with vertical walls and rotating ribbon screw ensures excellent discharge and the optimized addition of viscous sludge.

  • Boundary Layer Injection

    To reduce friction losses in the pipeline.

  • Injector

    Connection for injecting lubricants and compressed air.

  • Isolating valves

  • Air receiver

    For storing and releasing compressed air from the upstream compressor.


Over long distances, smart air injection brochure

Smart Air Injection is a customized system solution from SEEPEX, which conveys sludge with a dry solids content of 20-40% over long distances up to 1,000 meters. The technology combines the innovative properties of progressive cavity pumps with compressed air dense phase conveying.



In our half-hour webinar we will show you the many advantages of the intelligent SAI system solution for conveying dewatered sludge in wastewater treatment plants. Our Global Product Manager SAI, Dr.-Ing. Stephan Mottyll, describes the energy-efficient SAI conveying concept, which can save up to 80% of operating costs. In addition, he shows areas of application and functions and explains the enormous savings potential of pneumatic compressed air conveying compared to conventional conveying methods on the basis of numerous practical references. It's worth taking a look.