Safe, Gentle, True to Taste

SEEPEX for Milk Production

Global milk production now exceeds 700 million tons per year - and the trend is rising. There is a challenge for manufacturers and processors of milk and dairy products: On the one hand, they have to satisfy the constantly growing demand, and on the other hand, they must meet the market's demand for new, innovative products. 

Milk and dairy products are essential building blocks for a healthy diet. At the same time, however, they provide a good breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria and germs. Compliance with very strict hygiene standards throughout the entire production chain is therefore essential for the manufacture of high-quality products that are safe for the consumer. Different consistencies, pasteurization, and UHT heating and homogenization while preserving the sensitive nutrients and flavors, places even higher demands on production facilities. These demands increase where, for example, in the production of fruit yogurt, the fruit pieces have to be processed and conveyed as intact as possible.

More than Just Clean

SEEPEX food pumps meet the high demands of the milk and dairy industry - both in terms of hygiene and careful product handling. The pumps from the CS product family have been developed and designed with international hygiene and design guidelines in mind. The design of the BCFH range (with EHEDG and 3A certificate) and the BCF/BCSO range (with 3A certificate) enables residue-free cleaning: from the dead-space-free housing with CIP connections to the streamlined shaft seal. Only materials suitable for foods are used in construction.

All of the pumps convey gently and with low pulsation and minimal shear, ensuring stable integrity and structure of delicate products such as yogurt. Even fruits or chocolate pieces can be conveyed intact. In addition, the closed pump systems can withstand the high temperatures involved in UHT treatment, pasteurization or CIP cleaning.


SEEPEX Pumps in The Milk and Dairy Industry

Transport of viscous masses

Gentle conveyance of solid milk products such as curd

Dosing of very small quantities

Precise dosing of flavorings for ice cream or fruit yogurt

Conveyance of whole pieces

Undamaged transport of nuts and fruits

Protection of temperature-sensitive media

Temperature-stable transport of ice cream