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At this year’s IFAT, Seepex introduced intelligent products and new solutions to trade visitors from the water, sewage, waste and raw materials sectors. With its invitation to “Experience Future Technologies”, this Bottrop-based company, which specializes in progressive cavity pumps, showed off its intelligent maintenance concepts and efficient solutions for the environmental industry and gave a glimpse of tomorrow’s digital world.

This year Seepex set new standards in three innovation areas at once and introduced them to interested trade fair visitors. Firstly, Seepex is systematically expanding its range of user-friendly maintenance solutions, which achieve sustainable reductions in operating costs and lengthen product life. Secondly, Seepex demonstrated its leading role in digitalization by presenting new monitoring solutions which allow the operational parameters of a pump to be checked and optimized at a glance. And thirdly, with its smart air injection (SAI), the company introduced a new system solution for delivering highly-viscous substances over long distances, saving both acquisition and operating costs.

Maintenance with simple hand movements: Easy Maintenance Solutions

Its presentation of four different maintenance solutions simultaneously expands the Seepex portfolio of user-friendly maintenance concepts and offers its customers different technologies to support the different pump operations.

The patented Smart Conveying Technology, SCT for short, is already being used by many customers. Not only does it facilitate quick changing of the rotor and stator units; its integrated tensioning device significantly increases pump service life.

Smart Seal Housing technology was introduced at IFAT as a supplement to the well-established SCT: it can now simplify drive-side maintenance work to SCT pumps. It offers the customer the option of removing and servicing the mechanical seal and the whole rotating unit without a time-consuming dismantling of the suction casing and piping. This new solution reduces the workload to a few minutes, resulting in shorter downtimes.

The company has developed additional solutions which simplify work to larger feed hopper pumps in particular. At IFAT Seepex introduced patent pending technologies which significantly reduce both drive-side and rotor-side maintenance times for these pump types as well. Drive Joint Access and Rotor Joint Access offer the customer two new technologies which allow him, just by moving housing parts, to expose the drive-side joint or the rotor-side joint for maintenance. At the fair, trade visitors to the stand were able to take a closer look at these structural alterations to the pumps and try them out for themselves.

“We are proud of the fact that we continue to find new solutions for making our customers’ operation and maintenance processes as easy as possible,” explained Dr. Christian Hansen, Seepex Vice President and CTO. “The key to our success lies in our close collaboration with our customers. We develop solutions for them that optimize their systems, increase productivity and reduce operating costs,” he added.

Digital solutions for pump operation

With its Digital Solutions range, Seepex has, this year for the first time, released a comprehensive portfolio of mobile and networked services which enable optimal and reliable operation of progressive cavity pumps. The company has developed an integrated concept which covers digitally supported maintenance, uses virtual reality for pump management with an easy replacement parts order process and also includes data-driven services.

The two maintenance apps SEEPEX Service Point and SEEPEX VR simplify on-site pump maintenance, so that trade fair visitors were able to make use of them on their tablets right there at the stand. Whether the technician needs to order replacement parts via QR code, support with pump maintenance using step-by-step instructions and 3D animations or the facility to manage pumps using a digital log book: the apps give him or her everything needed to streamline daily work with the pumps. Thus the customer has all the information in a digital package, and pump management can be completely paperless. Direct contact with the Seepex service team and automated replacement parts enquiries using the app speed up the ordering process without encroaching on the customer’s internal processes.

The SEEPEX Pump Monitor provides the company with its first chance to demonstrate at its trade fair stand how the operational parameters of a progressive cavity pump can be monitored digitally: The information collected can be displayed on-site in an app with the same name, either in the customer’s control system or in the cloud. Warnings and alarms allow timely intervention before the process comes to a halt, and trend indicators and data capture facilitate further analysis.

Seepex’s own cloud solution, SEEPEX Connected Services, plays a key part in all this. Based on the information gathered in the field, the customer will in future be offered services which will always enable optimal operation of the progressive cavity pump.

The digital solutions offered will be tailored to the needs of the relevant customer. “We believe it is important that we provide different services for different customer groups. We have taken into consideration that some of our customers are already perfectly comfortable using online services and specifically ask us for remote services. Other customers prefer to keep their use of pump operating information purely local at field level, or restrict it to their control systems. We completely understand both standpoints and are therefore developing customer-oriented solutions at various levels,” said Dr. Christian Hansen when discussing the digital solutions introduced at the trade fair.

Sewage sludge on the long haul: Smart air injection

Visitors from the waste water industry clearly found the new type of system developed by SEEPEX extremely interesting, because it makes it possible to transport sewage sludge with a dry matter content of 20-40% over distances of up to 1,000 m. The innovative combination of progressive cavity pump, additional polymer injection and pulsating compressed air application allows compacted sewage sludge to be delivered in an energy-efficient manner over long distances. Not only does the company supply the individual components, it combines them, using a sophisticated control logic, into a complete system which requires a minimum of integration to be ready for operation.

SEEPEX at IFAT: introducing its smart maintenance concepts and digital solutions