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The great trend of digitalization will be the focus of this year’s ACHEMA in Frankfurt. The trade show innovations at the global forum for chemical technology and the process industry, held between June 11 and 15, will include an extensive portfolio of mobile and networked services for the operation of progressive cavity pumps, presented by the world’s leading specialist Seepex GmbH.

The company has developed these “Digital Solutions” as an integrated concept that covers digitally supported maintenance, uses virtual reality for digital pump management with an easy spare parts order process and also includes data-driven services. This is based on the company’s new cloud solution.

Seepex presents digital solutions at the ACHEMA

Seepex is the world’s leading specialist for progressive cavity pumps, macerators and controlling systems, and the “Pump Monitor” makes it a pioneer in the digital monitoring of operational parameters for progressive cavity pumps. The collected information can be displayed locally on a screen, through an app connected via Bluetooth, in the control system of the operator, or through the cloud service “SEEPEX Connected Services”. Warnings and alarms allow timely maintenance intervention before the process comes to a halt, and trend indicators and data capture allow further analysis.

Furthermore, two additional apps simplify the maintenance of Seepex pumps, even without retrofitting additional hardware. Using “SEEPEX Service Point”, QR codes allow spare parts to be ordered quickly and directly, operating instructions can be accessed, and contact can be made with the service team. The maintenance work itself is simplified with the aid of “SEEPEX VR”, which provides step-by-step instructions and 3D animations. The app additionally offers a digital logbook for paperless management of the pump, allowing the documentation of maintenance work and spare part inquiries, for example. All the information is thus available at all times in a digital package. “Our digital solutions take into consideration that some companies already use extensive online and remote services, while others keep their use of pump operating information purely local at field level, or restrict it to their control systems. We have different scalable solutions for both approaches,” says Dr. Christian Hansen, Vice President and CTO at Seepex.

The new features presented at the trade fair likewise include a Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) from Seepex, which is based on a control system integrated into the pump. The SDP is either integrated into a central control system as a “plug & play” solution, or is available as a standalone application. Special software manages the entire monitoring and control process for the calibrated, high-precision application. Dosing pumps are used everywhere it is important to add or fill precise quantities of high-quality materials, as is the case with expensive additives. One of the many areas of application is the chemical industry, where this technology can be used to ensure precise mixtures of chemical compounds.

Digital solutions for pump operation