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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

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High quality standards, high-tech materials and rapid technological advances – the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry faces high process requirements. Hygiene is crucial, especially when handling highly viscous media such as creams, lotions and vitamins.

Our Solution

SEEPEX CS progressive cavity pumps are particularly suited for applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. For sterilization, they offer clear advantages because of their design features:

  • CIP and SIP (clean in place and sterilization in place)
  • Complies with US 3-A Sanitary Standards and the EHEDG guidelines
  • Gentle, low-pulsation transfer of sensitive media
  • High metering accuracy
  • High operational safety
  • Ease of maintenance


Conclusion: SEEPEX pumps in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry meet the most demanding requirements such as gentle pumping, being hygienic, cleaning and sterilizing.