Wastewater treatment facility

Sludge finishing treatment

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Quicklime (CaO) improves the chemical and physical properties of dewatered sludge, allowing it to be further used in agriculture. Quicklime triggers an exothermic reaction that further reduces the sludge’s moisture content and increases its temperature and pH value, thus reducing its pathogens. 

Our Solution

A closed SEEPEX system offers a safe and effective method for adding quicklime to the sludge without releasing bad odors.


Some sample applications:

  • BTI range pumps with a metering system add the required amount of quicklime.
  • SLCO control monitors and regulates the pumps during the sludge finishing treatment.


SEEPEX conveying technology provides decisive benefits for sludge finishing treatment:

  • Optimum metering of additives in three stages: with bridge breaker paddles, auger feed screw and conveying elements
  • Mixes and conveys the conditioned sludge in a closed system
  • Transfers sludge with a high dry solids content over long distances
  • Fully automatic control system
  • Application-specific adaptation of the open hopper and pumps
  • Lower investment and operating costs compared to mechanical conveying systems


SEEPEX pumps optimize the sludge for agriculture use and ensure sterilization and long-term stabilization through an optimum reaction between the additive and sludge.


Sludge Dewatering Processing Flow Diagram