Two men in a factory speaking about the textile industry.

Textile industry

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The textile industry is one of the most important consumer goods sector. Technical textiles for cars differentiate from clothing and domestic textiles, but have similar process steps like bleaching and dyeing as well as printing and coating.

Our Solution

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are ideally suited for these processes because of their gentle and low-pulsation pumping.


Some sample applications:

  • Wastewater/sewage sludge
  • Binding agents, bleaches and dyestuffs
  • Flocculating agents
  • Impregnating agents
  • Latex
  • PTA/PVC pastes


SEEPEX’s pumps are specifically adapted to each application and suitable because of their design characteristics:

  • Gentle, low-pulsation pumping
  • High metering accuracy
  • High operational safety
  • Ease of maintenance