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Feed mash

Key specifications

100% pressure stability over long distances

100% metering accuracy

Cost savings

Low maintenance costs

Pump type

Growing businesses, strong competition, high-price pressure and increased equipment requirements – these factors affect all markets but apply distinct pressure in agriculture, especially pig feeding. When it comes to processing feed, there is a decisive competitive cost factor.


Since the 1950s, more agricultural businesses have been upgrading and expanding every year following the "Grow or Yield" motto. One leading pork producer clearly chose growth and turned to SEEPEX for cost-saving innovative solutions in feeding pigs.


Mixing systems stir ground or shredded cereal into a homogeneous, viscous mash. The mash is then transported in pipelines to scattered pig feeding stations. The further the sites, the longer the pipeline, the greater the operating requirements on the pumps.


SEEPEX initially installed a test pump from the BN range. The performance impressed all-around. 

The advantages: precise metering of feed quantities, pressure-stable pumping of the viscous feed mash over long distances, simple cleaning and low maintenance.


After a few years several hundred SEEPEX pumps had been commissioned and are operating reliably and trouble-free. The farm operators have saved a lot of money since installing their first SEEPEX pump.

The good price-performance ratio, guaranteed by the remarkable durability of SEEPEX parts, will continue to ensure customer satisfaction in the coming years.