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Water for millions.

The Hetch Hetchy reservoir to the east of San Francisco plays a central part in supplying drinking water in California. The reservoir stores up to 442 billion liters of drinking water and provides for about 80% of the population in the San Francisco Bay Area. That's 2.6 million people! The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is responsible for storing, regulating and checking the drinking water quality. The SFPUC was unsatisfied with their previous pump type and was looking for an alternative. SEEPEX won them over.


The San Francisco drinking water must meet extremely high cleanliness requirements. In one of the various cleaning processes, a 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) is added to the water. The Tesla Portal Disinfection Station responsible for this had previously used diaphragm pumps. Disinfecting with NaOCl poses a lower risk to humans and the environment than using chlorine gas. However, NaOCl is highly corrosive and frequently causes extreme wear on the system.


Each diaphragm pump cost an extra 450 dollars for stop valves and vibration and pulse dampeners. Also, gas bubbles would form causing major problems.

SEEPEX has an excellent reputation worldwide and is known for its customer-specific pump solutions in practically all branches of the industry. Based on the recommendation from a company specializing in water treatment systems, SFPUC turned to SEEPEX.


SFPUC was impressed by SEEPEX’s sound expertise and numerous references in San Francisco. But that was not all: SEEPEX produced a customized prototype BN pump for testing under live conditions.

I was sure of the pump's efficiency even before it was tested.
Steve Shaw
Chief Stationary Engineer, Tesla Portal

In fact, the results proved it. SEEPEX pumps have such reliable metering that other measuring or analytical devices are redundant. The pumps do not need auxiliary equipment to prevent gas bubbles forming and require low maintenance. Replacing parts takes very little time and effort, significantly minimizing downtime costs.


SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps have an excellent reputation in the chemical and biochemical industry due to their extreme reliability, high operational safety, low life cycle costs and minimal maintenance.

These plus points won over SFPUC completely. As part of a long-term investment, they ordered 24 additional pumps from SEEPEX for the Sunol Valley Chloramination Facility.