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Sludge drying and incineration

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Thermal drying removes water from the sludge and reduces its volume. After drying, the sludge can be compressed into pellets for incineration to generate energy or used as fertilizer.

Sludge drying and incineration centers also process sludge from external sources. Depending on the source, the imported sludge can be raw, biological, mixed or digested. As a result, the pumping systems are faced with arduous and diverse requirements.

Our Solution

SEEPEX offers sludge cake pumping systems that are designed to integrate perfectly with each specific application. 


Some sample applications:

  • BTHE, BTE or BTI range pumps convey dewatered or imported sludge into silos for temporary storage.
  • BTES or BTEI range pumps convey dewatered sludge from silos and the intermediate storage to dryers or incinerators.


SEEPEX conveying systems offer significant advantages:

  • Continuous fedding of the incinerator or dryer with minimum pulsation
  • Flexible adaptation of the open hopper to the silo or discharge hopper
  • BTEI range pumps with a storage hopper replace a separate storage facility and save space within the plant


SEEPEX pumps and control systems are adaptable to the diverse range of requirements in sludge treatment centers.

Sludge drying process animation