Treatment pool at a wasterwater facility

Sludge mixing

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Sludge handling and treatment centers can process both indigenous and imported dewatered sludge. This sludge can be stored in both underground and above ground silos. Where necessary, back mixing of the sludge to the correct feedstock for further processing can be performed.

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps convey and mix sludge from different sources, regardless of their initial dry solids content. Our pump’s mixing and dosing abilities provide further process options for the sludge and set the required dry solids content.


Some sample applications:

  • BTHE range pumps convey sludge with a dry solids content of 18-35% for temporary storage.
  • BTE, BTES range pumps back mix dewatered sludge to a thickened sludge to the correct dry solids concentration for further processing.
  • SEEPEX SCT pumps pump liquid sludge into the SEEPEX mixer pump.
  • The CO product group control systems monitor the boundary layer injection, hopper level and pressure control and/or dry-running protection device (TSE).


SEEPEX conveying solutions provide specific advantages for sludge mixing:

  • Transfers sludge with a high dry solids content
  • Constant flow rate, even over long distances
  • Processes highly viscous sludge
  • Advanced auger feed screw technology
  • Application-specific adaptation of the open hopper and pumps


SEEPEX offers the right solution for each sludge mixing requirement.