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A highly competitive market, an increasing diversity of drinks and strict regulations mean requirements for efficiency and hygiene standards are continuously rising in the brewing industry and distilleries.


Beers and alcoholic beverages are produced from the fermentation or distillation of grain and fruit. Many of the raw materials in the process are difficult to convey, either abrasive or viscous, or requiring low shear handling e.g yeast.  The pumping technologies used can improve the quality of the final product, optimise production processes, and enable more hygienic and energy efficient removal of by-products. The recovery and use of these by-products for energy generation is becoming increasingly important.

Our Solution

SEEPEX pump technology is used at several steps in the brewing and distilling process.

  • Open hopper pumps in special design for mixing grain and liquid before brewing, a hygienic closed system
  • Very viscous products: hops, trub, yeast can all be pumped
  • Gentle conveying of shear sensitive yeast for pitching
  • Accurate dosing of minor ingredients and flavors in distilled products
  • Spent grain, draff and other by-products are removed in hygienic enclosed systems, reducing energy use compared to air blown alternatives

In short: Innovative, problem solving pump solutions that save energy, increase production and are cost effective – SEEPEX pumps in the beverage industry.

Brewing industry animation of a SEEPEX pump application