Milk and dairy industry

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The consistency and variety of milk products is extremely diverse, from liquid milk and cream to solid butter and cheese. They require gentle, low shear handling to maintain product quality, for example, in fruit yogurt both whole fruits, and the mixed yogurt, must be handled gently to prevent damage. Milk products are susceptible to microbial growth and require high hygiene standards.

Our Solution

SEEPEX hygienic progressive cavity pumps offer significant benefits for handling dairy products:

  • Low shear action for both high and low viscosity products
  • Soft solids handled without damage
  • Low pulsation, linear accuracy and stable feed presssures
  • US 3-A Sanitary Standards
  • Conforms to FDA and EHEDG guidelines
  • CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Sterilise in Place) designs
  • Open hopper pumps for non flowable products e.g cheese, butter


For ingredient addition into yogurt and ice-cream SEEPEX pumps accurately meter both the base product and the added ingredients, enabling in-line blending.

SEEPEX pumps for the dairy industry, where high hygiene standards and product quality is essential.

Pump animation of SEEPEX improving the milk and dairy industry