Grape filled baskets awaiting conversion into wine.

Wine industry

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In wine production, including hard ciders, mashed fruits and vegetable juice is turned into an alcoholic drink. Quality wines and ciders require quality ingredients, well-founded process knowledge and reliable machinery. Whether you are looking for a gentle pumping system or a chopper pump, the end goal is to ensure consistent product transfer.

Our Solution

SEEPEX has a comprehensive range of progressive cavity pumps that can be individually adjusted to stationary or mobile use in the wine industry.

SEEPEX pumps exceed expectation due to their design characteristics:

  • Pulsation free pumping of whole grapes, must, berries, pomace, lees and other juicy fruits and vegetables
  • Easy transfer of solids
  • Gentle transfer from suction to discharge side - no product degradation
  • Ease of maintenance - for quick repair and cleaning, resulting in reduced downtime
  • Valveless flow control - when the pump stops there is virtually no back flow, allowing for precise transfer quantities