Petrochemical facility saving money with SEEPEX pumps.

Oil/water separation

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Effective separation of oil and water is a critical factor in all oil and gas production.

Our Solution

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are ideally suited to this demanding and complex task:

  • Gentle pumping with low shear forces and low speeds retain the size of oil droplets and prevent emulsification
  • Process flow control valves and bypass lines are additional sources for creating shear; these can be eliminated as variable speed drives can be fitted: pump flow rate is directly related to pump speed


Some sample applications:

  • BN/NS/N range pumps transfer produced water to hydrocyclones.
  • BN/N/NS range pumps transfer separated oil to the upstream separator or water to induced gas flotation units.
  • BE range of pumps transfer open and closed drains to upstream separators
  • Fully submersible caisson pumps can be installed 30 m submerged inside a caisson to transfer drains to upstream separators
  • BNA pumps on offshore platforms for corrosive / erosive liquid handling in high-alloy steel


SEEPEX pumps clearly show their advantages in all process steps:

  • No emulsification
  • Low shear
  • Easy flow control
  • Extremely low NPSHr figures e.g. 0.3 m


SEEPEX pumps take the oil/water separation process to the next level of efficiency, thus increasing the productions platform facility or FPSO's profitability.