Large spools of paper stacked in a warehouse

Stock preparation

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In stock preparation, the fibrous materials of waste paper, wood and pulp are mechanically and chemically processed. Depending on the type of fibers used, paper is broken down into three groups: the wood-free or pulp-based group, the woody or wood pulp-based group and the waste paper-based group.

Besides fibrous materials, paper consists of water and auxiliary substances, both natural (kaolin, resin) or synthetic in origin (colorings)

Our Solution

SEEPEX pumps convey the respective fibers and meter the auxiliary substances in all areas of raw stock preparation.


Some sample applications:

  • BN range pumps convey dye, filler material and glue to the stock center.
  • BN range pumps convey waste paper pulp to the stock preparation area.
  • BTI range pumps convey wood pulp or cellulose to the stock center.


SEEPEX pumps show their advantages clearly in stock preparation:

  • Precise metering of auxiliary materials
  • Gentle, low pulsation pumping
  • Adjustable speed and conveying capacity
  • Handles fluids at high temperatures


Conclusion: SEEPEX pumps are the ideal choice for all complex processes in stock preparation.

Stock preparation process animation using SEEPEX pumps