Fermentation facility in the renewable energies field.

Fermentation Products

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Solid and liquid fermentation products must be thoroughly mixed before being fed into the fermenter.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Higher gas yield due to increased bioactivity
  • Higher fermenter efficiency due to better agitation

Our Solution

Our bio substrate mixing system provides the ideal solution. It consists of a robust open hopper pump from product group T, a BN range standard pump as well as the biogas control BGDC. The extra-large open hopper and rotating mixing and conveying screw efficiently mix solid fermentation products and liquid substrates. The BGDC individually controls the mixing time and the correct solid and liquid proportions.

The Advantages

  • Robust design of BTEX pump for extreme applications
  • Increased gas yield
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • More efficient plant operation due to optimized process control (BGDC)
  • Large open hopper pump portfolio adapts to each fermentation product

For the best mixing and handling: the SEEPEX bio substrate mixing system ensures efficient plant operation and higher productivity.